NOAD EQM4 Compliance Management

Complying with ruling doesn't have to take time and effort 

NOAD EQM4 Platform Management provides compliance management by using the combined modules NOAD EQM4 Change Manager and Deployment Manager; compliance is not a one-time event, but a continuous process. NOAD EQM4 allows managers to quickly and consistently respond to internal regulations and legislated standards in parallel with the application development process. 

For each application, management can define a process to ensure that components automatically pass through the defined phases, and that company policies and government legislation are enforced. NOAD EQM4 reduces the administrative burden on developers by automating compliance requirements so developers are not delayed or distracted by mundane tasks, thus improving productivity and delivering higher quality applications at lower cost.

Supported by an automated log for all actions, management will have complete visibility. NOAD EQM4 enables managers and auditors to report on all application-level changes made by developers in a specific iteration or version (Change History) and/or to report on deployments and other procedures run by whom and when (Operation History). Furthermore, NOAD EQM4's role-based security enforces separation of duties by defining roles and responsibilities for different users based on organizational requirements and best practices.