NOAD EQM4 Deployment Manager

Deploy it right. Real time, every time. 

NOAD EQM4 Deployment Manager simplifies and seamlessly automates deployments of SAP BusinessObjects and QlikView artifacts, bridging the DevOps divide. Supported by customizable workflows, high-quality deployments are done efficient, fast and in a reliable manner. Reduce deployment time by approx. 90%, and errors and effort by almost 50% by automating the numerous, repetitive steps of promoting new and modified artifacts. 

Deployments are fast and easily done by selecting the Approved artifact(s) with a single right mouse click and deploy to the designated destination environment(s).
 Its workflow process is predetermined according to your IT policy and providing a reliable and repeatable process all the way to production. Use the same deployment process for both test and production environments, and just click and repeat once a process is initially finalized. Or schedule a deployment with the optional Scheduler. 

NOAD EQM4 Deployment Manager is flexible and secure; role-based security and a complete audit trail are standard and enable to be compliant with internal or external regulations or even allow Developer self-service enablement. Plug-ins for generic files and the various SAP BusinessObjects and QlikView versions are provided within the license.