NOAD EQM4 Change Manager

Delivering a trusted solution to the enterprise

NOAD EQM4 provides BusinessObjects and QlikView developers a reliable and stable solution to develop independently in a controlled environment. NOAD EQM4 Change Manager, NOAD’s proprietary integrated version control solution, completely automates the versioning of SAP BusinessObject and QlikView artificats, but also other generic file types such as .docx, .sql, .xls and more.

With 15 years of experience, NOAD has built a strong reputation and created a solution that enables organizations to develop and deliver business intelligence applications with confidence. Listening to our customers, we've enriched our solution with a metadata layer to provide better insight and visibility into project timelines and progress, to help prevent surprises and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

To streamline the development process to get (critical) changes into production sooner with existing or even fewer resources and still improve code quality, NOAD EQM4 features include secure check-in and out, restore, a private workspace combined with statuses. Necessary rights provide extra security and ensure changes cannot be overwritten. Release quality is improved by the use of NOAD EQM4's Intelligent Analysis such as Difference Analysis, Object and Table Impact Analysis, Build and Relation analysis. NOAD EQM4 Change Manager stores all activities in its audit database making it traceable, so passing an IT Audit should never be a problem.